The company offers mainly the following services

Typical assignments for the company are

  • Presentations and briefings on software and systems architecture, development processes or technology strategies. Either based on existing material or tailored to the need of each organisation.
  • Evaluation of present and future software architectures, organisations, projects and ways-of-working. An evaluation can be based on available documents as well as interviews with key personnel. Some goals could be comparisons with best practice or to identify concrete suggestions for improvement.
  • Evaluation of quotations and request-for-quotations with respect to technical and organisational feasibility, both before being sent and after being received.
  • Lead workshops and session to develop artefacts or improve ways-of-working.
    The company have proven methods to develop e.g. problem domain models, architecturally significant requirements, including quality attribute scenarios, or architectural views.

If the assignmets demands it, the company collaborates with Boschonian, evoke consulting and Aikane depending on the type of assignment.