Analysis, evaluation and documentation

Does the architecture support the business goals of the organisation or is there a need to align them better?

Many organisation wants to, or already have introduced agile software development.
How well this works in practice depends on several factors. One is how receptive the organisational culture is, another is how well the architecture supports agile development.

All solutions that needs to be maintained also needs to be documented. But documentation is never an end in itself, but must have a purpose, which can also change over time. Agile projects have different demands than a safety-critical project developed with a stage-gate process.

The company offers

  • Evaluation of system and software architectures and how well they are aligned with  business goals, development processes and organisation.
  • Post mortem analysis of projects to identify possible improvements and avoid repeated mistakes.
  • Support and counseling about documentation of system and software architectures.
  • Balancing between completeness of documentation and speed in development.
  • Experience and knowledge about IEEE 1471, 4+1, reference architectures, and other styles of documenting software-intensive systems.